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North Carolina and Virginia Driving While Impaired Issues

Being charged with a Driving While Impaired offense in North Carolina is most certainly a stressful event that can weigh heavily on you and your family, both financially and emotionally. The attorneys at Daniel | Thomas have been representing clients facing Driving While Impaired charges for over 40 years. With the firm being located very close to the Virginia border, we routinely get questions from clients such as:

1) Will being convicted of a DWI in North Carolina affect my ability to drive in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

2) I live in Virginia, but I work in North Carolina; will I be able to drive to work if I am convicted?

3) What impact will a Driving While Impaired conviction have on my auto insurance?

We get these types of questions all the time and we can answer these inquiries, and more, for you during our very first consultation.

There are in deed differences in the way that the DMV in the State of North Carolina and the DMV in the Commonwealth of Virginia treat Driving While Impaired convictions, depending on which state you are licensed in and where the conviction takes place.

The attorneys at Daniel | Thomas are here to help you navigate through these and other cross-border issues as they relate to Driving While Impaired offenses.

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